Suggest alternative on webif


I may have missed a previous discussion... I mostly use webif to set up recordings, however if there is a clash, it doesn't immediately notify me (I usually find out via RS...) If I set up recordings on the box itself, it will detect a clash and suggest an alternative. Is there any way the webif can do this? How do others handle this?


Recordings set up via Web-If and RS require the Humax to be re-booted (sometimes twice) before they are logged into the recording schedule
cheers EP. I knew that WebIf and RS particularly require a couple of reboots to get the programme into the schedule. I wasn't sure if the webif could still examine everything it knows about - even those that are tentatively in the schedule (queued) and analyse everythiing it is aware of when setting a recording. Obviously, RS sends its e-mails, and if I have enough days, I can sort it, but occasionally it is too late if I'm away from home!