Suggestion: autopower package

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Dependency: ir

At recording_end:
manual_flag = FALSE
If power_state = half_awake then
map ir_input[power] = null
while pending_auto_tasks_count > 0 do
if ir_input[power] then
manual_flag = TRUE​
if !manual_flag
map ir_input[power] = power​

The idea is that a system recording from standby is then held in the awake or half-awake state after the recording is finished, long enough for the WebIF auto-processes to complete (moving, renaming, decryption etc). I can't think of a way to extend the half-awake state, so I have gone for a full wake-up via an ir injection.

The pseudo-code above supposes there is enough time between the recording ending and the system returning to standby for the event to be detected. Otherwise the system state will have to be detected previous to that and the power command issued, and some kind of flag set to say so.

Potential problems include user intervention in the mean time.
A full awake state is required for decryption so in my experimental ad detection during recording code I use the IR Power function to turn the DLNA server on if it is not currently active.

I haven't yet attempted to return the system to standby/half awake when decryption has completed - it seems simpler/safer to leave the system awake.

AFAIK there is no easy way to detect whether the user has used the remote control or to detect which running processes have been started by webif packages and shouldn't be interrupted.

One way that has been suggested for detecting user intervention would be to switch to an usually unwatched channel (red button) so that you could detect if the channel had been changed but some users might object if the TV was showing the 'wrong' channel when they switched on