Swapping HDD from one HDR to another (Both with CF 3.13)


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I would like to swap the HDDs on two HDRs, both of which are running CF v3.13 and the same packages/settings. One HDR has a 1 TB HDD, the other a 2TB HDD.

Is it just a case of physically swapping HDDs over?

All recordings on both HDDs have been decrypted

Should be. Can't think why not.
But what's the point of it?
Why don't you just swap the boxes over?
All of SWMBO's recordings are on the 2TB HDD.

A couple of months ago, I replaced the 1TB HDD in one of my spare HDRs with a 2TB HDD. Then copying all the contents of the unit SWMBO uses on a daily basis to the newly updated 'spare' unit. This spare unit was become her daily driver.

It all went well with minimum disruption for her. All her recordings were available, with the benefit of having more HDD capacity for her to record even more crap on!

I took the opportunity to undertake a complete clean install of the CF at this time as over the years I have installed/removed packages etc, and I thought it would be an ideal time to do it.

Almost straight away, I noticed that we were getting the HDMI 'green' screen issue. I had resolved that many moons ago by using a 6x2 HDMI splitter. Unfortunately, when using the 'spare' unit, the issue returned and has become a bit of a pain.

In an effort to solve the problem, I want to return to using the original machine, but now I have to transfer the 2TB HDD back. Hence the question about the CF. I guess I could just re-install the CF, but thought just swapping like-for-like would be quicker.


HDDs swapped, all appears well. Time will tell if the 'green screen' issue is resolved.
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Well, over a week later and not a single green screen issue. Since I started this thread, another thread has hinted that the boot loader version might have something to do with the problem. I will downgrade this unit to a bootloader version that matches one of my other HDRs that is ‘green screen free’ and see if it corrects the problem.