Swapping HDR hard drives?


The picture from my primary HDR has been breaking up recently. The only problem I've found is that the aerial out connector seems rather wobbly and moving it about fixes the problem for a while, not sure how it's got like this as the box doesn't move. All I can do is blame the cat which occasionally disturbs the cables behind the TV stand! I've opened the box, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to stop the wobble.

The box was upgraded a while ago to have a 2TB drive, which is about 45% full. I also have another 500GB HDR-T2 which rarely gets used for recording.

Is it possible to just swap the drives or will I get play back problems due to encryption? If so, would I be better off upgrading the second box and copying everything across?
No and yes respectively. IMHO you'd be better off making sure everything is decrypted first. Then you can swap disks if you so desire. It also guards against death of one box taking all its recordings with it.
You will need to decrypt ALL recordings (HD&SD) before swapping drives

Would a bit of Araldite epoxy fix the wobble of the socket? Or could you avoid using the aerial out socket by using a splitter on the input?
Thanks for the useful and interesting suggestions. I'm sure it's running auto decrypt but the box is currently off so I'll check later.

I've applied some epoxy and will see how it goes, quicker than getting a splitter.

Having looked at the cost, I might upgrade the 500GB box anyway, it's a more recent model bought as a backup, but that doesn't guarantee it'll be any more reliable.