[Sweeper] An alternative way to automate packages?


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Today if you want to automate the running of certain package such as Decrypt, Unprotect etc you can set the appropriate auto-xxx flags at the folder level which is OK if you like to maintain different folders but can be overkill if, like me, you prefer (nearly) everything in the main My videos folder and run Flatten and therefore have the auto- flags set on at the top level - I don't really need everything Decrypted.
Other packages such as DetectAds can be set to run on everything but it is not really needed for BBC and other channels without ad breaks.

In the DetectAds thread Black Hole made the excellent suggestion that rather than trying to put channel selection rules into the DetectAds package it would make more sense to use Sweeper to control which packages are run and the order [detectads] Automatically bookmark ad breaks

This functionality does not currently exist in Sweeper and AFAIK apart from the brief mentions in the Detectads thread I don't think there has been any other discussion of whether it is a good / feasible idea and how it might be implemented

I think what is needed in Sweeprdr is a new Action RunPkg or RunPackage that accepted as parameters the package name and any optional parameters for the package (file name would be always supplied).
It would also be useful to have Commericial and NonCommercial as psuedo channel numbers that matched any of a list of channel numbers.

So for my recordings from ITV, Channel 4, and Five I would like to be set up a rule that looked something like:
lcn {commercial} action {RunPkg decrypt}  {RunPkg DetectAds  pad=2} action{RunPkg  Crop}
No processing would be performed on BBC recording.

Black Hole

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You can work around this by using sweeper to move particular recordings you do want (say) to decrypt into a particular folder which has the auto-decrypt flag set - I do something similar for radio recordings I want turned into MP3s.


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I could use a special folder for decrypt but one of my goals in the OP was to avoid the need for folders!

It would also not solve the need for providing a way of selecting which programs DetectAds and Crop processing run on - some people would want to Decrypt BBC programs but not need Ad detection.

I don't see adding Auto-DetectsAds and Auto-Crop as yet more folder options as the best long strategy plus we would still have a scheduling issue of how would Crop know when DetectAds had finished processing and it was time to start Cropping

I would also remind Black Hole that it was your suggestion in the first place to extend Sweeper for this type of processing!