Switching HDR on/off


Hi - as a new HDR user I am so happy I found you guys :)

I have invested in a Logitech Harmony remote so I can now control my system to do what I want it to do rather than it be in charge ;)

As part of this I can set Activities, like Watch TV, that will switch on the relvant boxes, switchinputs, etc and also swith off boxes not needed.

This means that the hdr gets switched on/off (standby) quite a few times a day, and certainly overnight.

Is all this on/off ok, or should I really leave it permanently on? or only off over night ?

There shouldn't be any problem switching off multiple times a day. In fact it's likely to last longer as the hard drive will spin down when switched off (unless recording). Mine gets switched off/on multiple times a day as my daughter switches from TV to watching DVD's/Blu-Ray on my PS3.
Is all this on/off ok, or should I really leave it permanently on? or only off over night ?
It is a matter of choice; switching on and off frequently increases the number of startup cycles on the disk drive, which are the most damaging, but reduces the running time. I definitely recommend putting it into standby overnight rather than leaving it on 24/7.
Ok, sounds about right to just leave it on standby overnight, but prob not on/off cycling during the day.
The biggest 'killer' is heat. When the electrolytic capacitors dry out in the PSU, then it can cause all sorts of problems if not sorted out in time.

The caps will fail with age at some point but their life can possibly be extended by ensuring proper ventilation.

I also have a Topfield 5810 (well two actually) and heat is a major issue with that! I have fitted a cooler running hard disk and also installed a fan as the Topfield does not have one fitted 'as standard'.
I work in broadcast tv and we very rarely switch anything off . Small elecrolytics contain acid and when they blow the leak this all over the place. Two weeks later the equipment no longer works and when you take the board out to inspect you'll find nice little "holes " where connections are meant to be, bugger to fix usually end up replacing the board