Switching itself back on


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After installing the latest firmware update I found that my box is switching itself back on after powering it off. Sometimes it happens within a few seconds of powering off but more often or not it will be about 30 secs.

At first I thought it was my Logitech harmony but it happens also when switching off with the humax remote and when switching on at the front.

A few notes:

1. I've tried powering off the device at the back and back on again.
2. I've done a factory reset and a disk check in maintainance mode.
3. I've reinstalled my packages
4. The box is actually turning back on eg video output is showing, this isn't a case of it turning back to the delinquent standby state.
5. I don't have auto power on or off selected in settings.
6. I don't have a HDMI CEC turned on my amp or TV.

Can anyone help me fix this? Anyone else had a similar problem?

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I suspect an interfering IR signal from somewhere. See if it still does it while covered by a thick cloth.
Thanks. I finally fixed it myself, turns out HDMI CEC was turned on my TV after all and was passing through my amp. I thought I checked it was off but apparently not!
Thanks for the help!

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