Sync Watched with Trakt


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Is there a way, e.g. package, to sync with Trakt, e.g. send it what you have watched?

If not, is it technically possible? I'm guessing so as 'tv diary' let's you view a list of watched, and other packages send out to Internet?

Any pointers on where to start in making such a package?
Is it possible today - I doubt it. I had never heard of Trakt before your post and it hasn't been discussed before on these forums.

Is it possible, quite probably

First you need to define what you mean by 'watched' and that might be the hardest task.

TVdiary includes programs when the Humax box was switched on but no sentient human being was sat in front of the TV,
You might just count recorded programs but would then ignore those watched live, Recorded programs also have a New flag which shows which have been played through the Humax but not those watched through other devices.

Once you have decided what you wish to consider watched we can then give you some hints about how to collect the information.

I guess a good starting point is recorded programs played through humax.

Ps is it possible to make a web request out every time a new flag changes? Or would it have to be a sync interval, e.g. hourly?
I don't think there is anything that is triggered when a programme is watched so it would be easiest to do it via an hourly chron job.

What is your computer programming experience? It is possible to teach yourself to program on the Humax, I did it, but not so easy if you are not already familiar with other programming.

Most of the customised firmware is written in a language called Jim/TCL (for which there is a manual) with other bits in C/C++ and the Humax runs a Linux operating system. Unfortunately there is limited/no documentation for many of the clever class libraries and utilities that form the core of the webif and you have to learn them by reading the code for existing packages and asking questions.

No one here would be able to help with you the interface to the Trakt system for actually submitting the information once you have collected it.
jim/tcl manual there is also a jim sqlite interface should you want to use the TVdiary database
See the WIKI for lots of useful information including Creating packages
Then starting browsing the code in /mod/webif/ and look at how plugin packages can add themselves into the existing processing using .hook files.
The most generally useful classes are the system.class, ts.class and settings.class in /mod/webif/lib/

Good luck!