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Syntology NAS not appearing



My hard drive failed and I have replaced it. I am trying to reconfigure the link to my Syntology NAS drive. My Humax is not seeing it.

The packages installed are virtual-disk2 and network-shares-automount

In my [Modsettings]/nfs/NASDRIVE folder,I have
host=ip address of the NAS 192_168_1_116

For now, I am only interested in seeing the drive and its files in my webif but its not showing. Any ideas?

I haven't set any NAS username and password parameters in the Humax folder as there are no entries for them in the template
I haven't set the port number against the ip address (address : port) because I think the port is just for admin tasks.

My Syntology has three folders - Music, Photo, Video so my folder setting is just Video.

It's so long since I set it up, I'm a bit stumped.


host=ip address of the NAS 192_168_1_116
Is this line literally like that? It should only have the IP address in it

NFS has no authentication, so username and password parameters are not required.

..and its 'Synology', not 'Syntology' :)


I don't have a Synology NAS myself, but a bit of reading shows that NFS folders actually possibly mount under a 'volume1' path, so you might want to try editing your folder as follows

Note here also that 'video' is all lower case


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@geordie - as the 'sharefolder' parameter is set to 'on' presumably the contents of the NAS folder should be found in a folder called 'Video' within the 'My Video' folder on the HDR-FOX. Set this parameter to 'off' to mount the NAS folder as if it were a local USB device.
Just to check, the ip address of your NAS is still the same as in your example?


Agree with MontysEvilTwin, would check your humax is still using the same IP address.

This IP or local subnet will have been entered on the "video" shared folder NFS permissions page on the Synology. Connection from other IP(s) will be denied.
On synology DSM: Control Panel > Shared Folder > "select share "video" > edit > NFS Permissions