System hung - Uth on front panel, missing recordings


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I tried to turn my Humax T2 this afternoon and it failed to respond to the remote control or the front panel power switch - I had to use the rear power switch.

Before rebooting I noticed the front panel was showing "Uth" does this mean anything?

When I did reboot I found two programs had failed to record.
System was working normally this morning and no similar problems in the past

Any ideas?

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When the HDR-FOX crashes, the front panel display stops scrolling - so your "uth" was the end of whatever text was scrolling at the time of the crash. Everything stops - the video would have frozen although the sound would continue, and recordings would fail etc.

These things do happen occasionally, especially if you leave it on for long periods.

See Things Every... (click) section 18.


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Hopefully it will stay a one-off, Automatic power down is enabled so system is not on full time.