T2 change web-if port

Ross Plews

New Member
Hi all, is it possible to change the default port the web-if listens on from the default port 80 http port. I have a web server which I access from outside my home network and my router routes port 80 to that server. If I want to connect to the T2 I will need a different port to route.

Leave the humax on port 80 and just forward whatever external port you want to port 80 on the humax box in your router. That's all I do.
Then access it at externalip:portno and it will forward through to humax:80
My router (netgear) does not seem to allow me to forward port 8080 external to 80 internal. It just does 8080 external to 8080 internal ;(
Yes, it can be done by editing the the /mod/etc/mongoose.conf file.

Change the listening_ports line to add the port number you want:

So to add 8080 you'd change the line to:

listening_ports 80,443s,8080

The easiest way to edit the file is to use the file editor under the Diagnostics in the web interface itself. Once the change has been saved, then it will take effect the next time the box boots.