T2 Mux now broadcasting a standard def. service


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Since Thursday 16th January COM7 includes Al Jazeera Arabic. For me, it is one for the channeldel list but it is significant in that it is the first time we have seen SD on a DVB-T2 mux.
What LCN number is this SD version of Al Jazeera on?, I have LCN 108 and 83

108 Al Jazeera Eng HD rovicorp.com on COM7 /ARQ C (DVB-T2)

83 Al Jazeera Eng rovicorp.com on COM6 / ARQ B (DVB-T)
I have just done a rescan and now also have :-

84 Al Jazeera Arabic rovicorp.com on COM7 /ARQ C (DVB-T2)

I'm really surprised that the soundtrack actually is in Arabic, it just goes to show they have more money than they know what to do with, providing an Arabic News channel in the U.K.. I would be interested to know what their viewing figures are