T2 Receiver DLNA Query


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Hi folks,

Apologies if this has been asked before - I have looked both here, on AVForums and elsewhere - but I have a few queries around the DLNA capabilities of the T2 Receiver.

(i) What files - video, audio and pictures - does the T2 receiver play naively? I am on the latest firmware.
(ii) I have a home network, with a Dual core PC running off a 500 MB Homeplug, and Serviio. Serviio, as I understand it, transcodes files the box can't natively see. However, this is really hit and miss for me. Won't play .mkv files, and won't display any pictures. Is there a better Media Server.?

Many thanks!
Thanks. I did have a look at that, but only saw the section about DLNA. I'll have look at the other section now.
Ok I've read through the posts. I still am unclear on the DLNA server.

I'll amended the title thread to make it more clear, but specifically I'm looking at what other T2 owners use as a media server e.g Serviio, XBMC, Plex etc.