T2 will not turn on... Two questions

Roger Meyers

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Our HDR-FOX T2 has been playing up for the past week. It was regularly showing the "CRASH - wait", then "Reboot in 10" etc. After a few reboots it would settle down again and be fine.

Since last night the T2 will not turn on at all. No lights, no response to power cycles, remote or power switch at the back etc. It is over two years old, so no warranty.
My two questions are:
1) What can I troubleshoot or replace to try get it booting, so I can get into error logs files etc? (I have checked the fuse in the wall plug)
2) If the box is indeed dead, how can I get the existing recordings of the T2 hard drive?

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If the box is indeed dead, you can extract the HDD and cobble a connection to a PC or whatever via (typically) a USB-to-SATA adapter for a few quid - the drive is formatted in the Ext3 (Linux) file system so you will either need to boot Linux or use a utility program in Windows (I think Macs can access Ext3 natively)... BUT unless you have already decrypted the recordings they will be completely useless.

It looks to me like the PSU is the likely fault. If you are a competent meddler you may be able to get it going again, or patch in power from an alternative supply, or somebody competent could do it (old-school TV repair man, if you can find one). It could be that simply replacing all the (aged) electrolytic capacitors in the PSU circuit will cure it (only moderate soldering competence required, and I am given to understand kits of the parts required are available).

For more info see Things Every... (click) sections 5 and 12.


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Are these people reliable? There is only one entry in the 'comments' book, and that from the middle of last year


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There is a guy over ate the Toppy forums, Andy Frazer (andyfras) who repairs the PSUs from Topfield (Toppy) PVRs. I am sure, if nothing else, he could offer advice to you. There are many users of that forum, me included, who have taken advantage of his repair services. I my case it was for him to supply the necessary capacitors for my faulty PSU.

I found his service very fast and very reasonably priced. I think it would be well worth a visit over there to check. Click the 'Click Me' text below.


Roger Meyers

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Thanks for replies.

I have registered with Toppy (awaiting account approval) and will connect with Andy before considering to send my PSU to the link posted above.
In the mean time I used these instructions to access the files on the hard disk: www(dot)360panoramas(dot)co(dot)uk/humax/ I have transferred all the files, but cannot open them, so likely they are encrypted. I thought I'd share the link anyways.

I'll update when I hear from Andy.

Ezra Pound

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The instructions in #7 are for a Foxsat HDR Freesat Receiver not a HDR-Fox T2, All recording on the HDR-Fox T2 are encrypted and can only be decrypted by the Humax that recorded the programmes in the first place

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It might be worth patching in alternative DC power to see if functionality is restored - if not a PSU repair would be pointless. Has anybody dug around on this enough to know what the DC requirements are?