Tapatalk Nag

Sam Widges

Active Member
Is there any way to stop the incessant nagging about using Tapatalk when accessing the forum? Every page I go to it tells me that Tapatalk is available, which I am now very well aware of!

Surely there should be a cookie that is set once you have had the first nag and then leaves you in peace for a week or more.
That's what should be happening, see

It sets a cookie called tapatalk_redirect with value false which expires every 90 days, so you should only get a reminder every 90 days.

Is your browser configured to accept cookies? On my iPhone that setting keeps being reset to accept none.
Yes it works now. I've been out for a couple of hours so my iPad has had a reboot since I last tried it. Maybe an iPad/ Safari thing! It didn't like it first time round.

I have only been a member for 60 days but I used to be nagged all the time so I don't know where the 90 days comes in. Not been so bad lately.
That explains why I periodically see loads of nags and then it goes away. Why nag? Does installing Tapatalk provide some kind of kick-back? If not I would rather be left in peace to make my own choice. I used to use Tapatalk on another forum, but then that forum set up a mobile-friendly skin which was much better.
I've tweaked my javascript settings and it now seems to be behaving. However, I use my iPhone occasionally for work and it will be interesting to see if it's a work policy setting that is tweaking the Javascript settings.