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Teletext not working

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Frederick Carver, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Since upgrading to 1.02.07 I have had problems getting teletext to work.
    Sometimes the FOX T2 will not respond to either the red or text buttons on the remote, at other times it will work normally, the batteries are new.

    Has anybody else had this problem ?
  2. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    Just checked mine........that doesn't work either! Checked BBC SD channels & BBC HD channels......nothing . Switch to the TV's tuner everything is OK! :(

    Edit: Tried again using the Humax, BBC SD channels seem to take a couple of minutes before text is available. I tried waiting a few minutes with BBC HD and BBC1HD tuned but nothing... Is text available on BBC HD channels?

  3. Hi Gerry,

    I do not have HD in my area until April 13th, so I cannot check this for you, sorry.
  4. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    I only have the HD channels tuned into my box, and have never been able to get text working.
  5. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    Thanks guys

    My transmitter is Crystal Palace , perhaps things will change at DSO in 2012.

    Gerry .
  6. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    I wouldn't think that will change anything, we had DSO in 2009 from Winter Hill.
  7. bigmin

    bigmin New Member

    On my box text has never worked on HD. I too am experiencing red button reluctance on SD since v1.02.07.
  8. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    winter hill bbc teletext, over the last few months no teletext then back again, but its nothing to do with the t2, other people have had same problem with different freeview boxs
  9. bigmin

    bigmin New Member

    Yes, but we're not all on Winter Hill, I'm on Sutton Coldfield. In any case all my other SD receivers still have fast access to text services. I think your observations are just blurring the fact that since v 1.02.07 there have been text problems.
  10. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    I'll go along with that. My Sony TV and Humax 9300T are fine. It's just the HDR Fox T2.

  11. ChrisDaniels

    ChrisDaniels Well-Known Member

    Might have something to do with the dodgy Trailer Booking feature that was introduced in the latest f/w..
    And i say dodgy because that logo appears in different places all the time, so its obviously coded wrong.

    On the subject of Red Button issues, have you noticed that when you do load it up on BBC One SD, and the "Press OK for HD" option is shown, it overrides the Red Button app. So if you press OK while that message is still showing, it will take you to BBC One HD..
    Nice to see Humax planned it all out as usual eh..
  12. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    i was stating a fact , there has been problems with teletext from winter hill (i didn't comment on other transmitters, for obvious reasons).
    i wasn't saying there isn't a problem with 1.02.07. but the problem with teletext could be with the transmitter (winter hill area)
  13. Snowy

    Snowy New Member

    According to the BBC, they hope to get text on the HD channels eventually but is not available at present.
  14. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    Thanks Snowy, I wasn't aware of that.

  15. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    Update :- Text on my HDR T2 now works on SD as quickly as the TV & 9300T.

  16. Binks

    Binks New Member

    Hi, I've recently lost all text on my HDR T2 along with the red button on BBC - thought it was me. I receive signals from a num,ber of different transmitters but all are the same - no text. Are Humax working on this or ignoring it???
  17. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    Brinks, the replies to this topic are a year out of date. Let's see whether anyone is currently having a problem with text.

    Please confirm you have the latest firmware installed. Menu >> Settings >> System >> System Information, should read 1.02.20
  18. Binks

    Binks New Member

    Thanks, will do when back home tonight
  19. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    it keeps happening winter hill, i lost teletext about three weeks ago,its back now.

    i think its the transmitter and not the humax

    try using the tv teletext. if you have lost that ,as i did, that would indicate the problem lies elsewhere
  20. jack616

    jack616 Member

    I have noticed power output continues to fall from my local transmitter (sutton coldfield) its a very slow edging down since xmas - some channels are now producing noticably poor quality images
    Perhaps work is being done or maybe its just they dont want to put a shilling in the meter every week. Maybe thats related to the
    loss of teletext somehow.