Telnet not connecting in Maintenance mode

The Hummy is now displaying "MAINTENANCE" on the front panel, instead of the 00:00, 00:001 etc. it was displaying before.
I get sound but no picture and the Hummy will still not respond to the remote control, so I can't get in to Menu/system/settings etc.

Now fixed, see below.
For no obvious reason I can now access the Hummy using telnet but when I try ezra pounds commond I get "can't remove /var/lib/humax....."
Should I try fix-disk again?
Should I try fix-disk again?
Yes, but be aware that it is normal for the % remaining bar to pause for several minutes. If you have a large disk then give it at least an hour before deciding that it is not getting any further.
Hi ezra, I have looked into the library/file system and the only files in the library you indicate are one named "2" and another - "hostname". Perhaps the rm command has indicated the wrong library? I will try to locate the "maintenance.boot" file and remove (which I presume is the UNIX delete command).
Onward, onward!

I have just seen xyz321's advice to try fix-disk again and will go with that.
I have completed a re-run of fix-disk and let that run through to completion. The system is now running as normal with no "deleting" message or grey-out menu items. (Funny aspect display on my TV but that's nothing to do with this problem and I can fix that myself.)

Many thanks to ezra pound, prpr and xyz321 for your advice. I will be more patient in future as it was my failure to allow fix-disk sufficient time to complete that has caused this panic.
Under normal circumstances you would expect to get the "can't remove /var/lib/humax....." message because the file will be automatically removed. The file /var/lib/humaxtv/mod/maintenance.boot would only be present if an error had prevented the auto erase