that random reboot again

it struck again, was recording ch 4 and 4+1 this evening and watching a recording too, pressed exit rather than stop button and the box switched itself off and rebooted, neither recording continuing. luckily i realised this and was able to restart them both with only a few seconds missed. i did this by selecting each channel and pressing record button, however both times it asked if i wanted to replace current recording? so maybe it actually did restart the two events automatically?

i know there was a thread for this on ds, any of the few of us here had similar experiences, could be easily recreateable i assume?
Not noticed it myself - but not that an intensive user of the box - has it only occurred when you press the exit button not stop? Come to think of it I can't recall what I press!
My HDR Fox T2 does not do it. When pressing the the exit button if playing back a recording and when recording 2 other channels, the box reverts to the 'video' screen with the list of recorded programmes. The on going two recordings continue. I hope this makes sense!

my normally does that too, its only once or twice this has happened, and always when the scenario described is under way, never in any other situation

i'll post link to the ds thread
I've had two HDR Fox T2 1TB boxes since late Nov '10 (one returned faulty). Both boxes have been used extensively but I've not seen anything like this at all (yet!).

I saw my first reboot yesterday. Had just finished watching a recording and was deleting. Had just confirmed the deletion when the box rebooted. Nothing else was recording at the time. The programme I had attempted to delete had indeed been deleted.
Had it happen in the past when I pushed too many wrong buttons quickly, it used to just lock up on the old sofware, but now it does a reboot.