The Big Bang Theory tonight..


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Now, what on earth went wrong here?

Title:New: The Big Bang Theory
ITitle:i7New: The Big Bang Theory
Channel:28 (E4)
Filename:New_ The Big Bang Theory_20141127_2032
Genre:Entertainment (48)
EPG:Brand new series - The Expedition Approximation: Sheldon and Raj see if they could survive a dark-matter research expedition in a salt mine by simulating the conditions in a steam tunnel.  [AD,S]

Flags: SD,New,Unlimited Copies,
Copy count:0

Scheduled start:1417120200 (Thu Nov 27 20:30:00 2014)
Scheduled duration:1800
Recording start:1417120358 (Thu Nov 27 20:32:38 2014)
Recording end:1417123642 (Thu Nov 27 21:27:22 2014)
Stored duration: 3279

From what I can see in the recording file, the now/next data did have the 'is currently showing' flag set for this event up until the time the recording stopped.
Anyone else see this (or miss the next programme which was Drifters)?
Didn't record that programme but a few weeks ago I had a similar problem on C4HD: see here. It appears that the broadcaster messed up the AR flag for the following programme on that occasion.
Our recording of Big Bang is 54/55 minutes and includes that plus most of the following program. The info stays as BB for the whole recording, so I guess E4 cocked it up.