The Clocks go back next week. BST/GMT


Anyone planning to record the new series / episode of Dr. Who airing on Sunday 31/10/2021 at 6:25 p.m. be aware that the clock goes back from B.S.T. to G.M.T. i.e. back an hour !

It is not on the EPG yet but when it is you may need to refresh the recording request on 31/10/21

This may have an effect on recording schedules, and may cause missed recordings. Note the sun symbol in the t.v. guide.IMG_20211024_002231890~4.jpg


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My usual tactic is to schedule a throwaway recording for early Sunday well before any of the usual recordings I want. That way the box wakes up and corrects its running time from the broadcast EPG info.

In any case it is usually Spring when the clocks go forwards that causes missed recordings as the box wakes up an hour late.


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It was the previous Humax model series (PVR-9200T/9150T/9300T) which had to have an extra timer to reset the clock and even then some failure to record correctly could still occur.
Fortunately with the HDR-FOX T2 its developers finally understood the concept of the times in the underlying epg and data streams always being GMT, while the BST concept should just be for the user interface. With the HDR-FOX T2 the only potential issue is for a timer that has been entered fully manually, or where a timer that was originally created via the epg has been edited. I presume that the FVP-4000T/5000T will be the same as the HDR-FOX T2 in this respect.