The demise of Channel 5?


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I am finding it jerky on both Freeview and Freesat. The other (SD) channels are OK. Has it cut its bandwidth? The picture jumps around and any rapid motion is just resulting in things skittering round the screen. If someone moves their head they get two faces. People suddenly jump backwards across the screen if they move their bodies.

Can anyone else confirm this? It may not be all the time, of course, I don't watch it 24/7.

Ron Taylor

Frequently lose sound and subtitles watching Home & Away and Neighbours early afternoon. Picture also freezing momentarily.
Sandy Heath transmitter.


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We record several programmes each week from 5 and actually watched one an hour ago (recorded yesterday). All have seemed perfectly OK.

Andy Fox

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Watched Neighbours (I know, I know) recorded Friday lunchtime and it was stuttering and jumping about all the way through. First time I've noticed it.

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So, it looks like it may be an occasional thing. As it affects both Freeview and Freesat (and actually I tried both when Neighbours was on on Friday, to check) it must be a problem that isn't particular to the transmitter. Maybe they are buying in some programs at very low bit rates to save money? :D