The Hummy Roundabout


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Dougal - Black Hole
Zebedee - Raydon
Brian - himself
Ermintrude - Mrs Snowman
Dylan - Dillon Lawrence
Florence - DelftBlue
Mr Rusty - Michael
Basil - MrPloppy
Paul - gathercole77
Rosalie - Doppa
Mr McHenry - 4291

And before anyone gets too uppity, no offence intended OK?

(Damn the stupid editor removing the formatting - WYSINWYG!)
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I notice prpr didn't pick a role for hinself. How about The Herbs?

Parsley the lion
Dill the dog
Sage the owl
Sir Basil
Lady Rosemary
Bayleaf the gardener
Constable Knapweed
Tarragon the dragon

I'm Sage!

I'm a rather fat feathery owl called Sage, I'm not at all happy in fact in a rage...
I once owned a mint 1985 GL1100C without all the bells and whistles (sigh), just reliving past youth ( I was 40 at the time).

Who is Mr McHenry?