The Space


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I have just done a channel scan on my HDR-T2 and discovered a new channel on the HD MUX called The Space (in collaboration with The BBC). The caption states starting in May 2012 and 'points towards' a web address Having visited, apart from some hideous 'music' and their animated logo, there wasn't anything to see! (Stands back waiting for BH to correct grammar).

It's on channel 117, or at least it is on Winter Hill.

FYI, I assume its HD as according to the channel information on the WebIF page, I how have 5 HD channels one of which is TheSpace, even though it's channel number is out of the usual HD range of 50+
I saw recently that BBC HD is to become BBC2 HD (a mirror of BBC2) and that BBC HD got it's slot after Channel 5 lost it's bid for an HD channel but non of that would increase the HD channel count from 4, We'll have to look into this 5th HD channel
DS Forums say the website had a Footer saying "Arts council England in partnership with the BBC" now removed
They also think it may be a Text channel rather than a video channel
Did a google search on their web address and found they are going to be using it till September.
No doubt it will be arty farty stuff and a big waste of time and effort, but If they've got the cash...