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The upgrade that didn't ...!

Discussion in 'PVR-9300 Freeview Recorder' started by ColinS, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. ColinS

    ColinS Member

    'Upgraded' the 320Gb HDDon my 9300T with a 1Tb WD10EVDS (specially chosen for it's AV qualities). Went OK, formatted fine. Even recorded something to it, no problem.

    Then, while paging through the channels (prog +/-), randomly at a switch from one channel to another it would seem to 'hesitate' or 'time out' waiting for something (with no picture or sound) for longer than normal and then the hummy would reboot.

    After the reboot, it would be at the previous channel, but when I page forward again, it would be OK, until I reach another random point, when it would reboot again.

    Tried everything I coould think of including reformatting it again, but the symptoms persisted.

    Replaced the original disc (by which time I had taken off the recordings), reformatted it, and all is well. No problems paging, no reboots.

    Anybody got any ideas why this might have been happening? :confused:
  2. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    I found similar problems when trying to fit a Western Digital drive to a Humax 9200T some years ago. I concluded that there was something in the firmware of the drive that rendered it incompatible with the 9200T. Several peoplehave come to the same conclusion since. I suspect your case is similar. By the way 1TB is a very large drive for an SD PVR that can only hold a maximum of 511 recordings.
  3. ColinS

    ColinS Member

    Thanks Martin. That's useful to know. I may contact both WD & Humax support to ask what their take is, as the WD10EVDS was specifically recommended by others who have done this upgrade, and does not, e.g. have AFD issues.
    I take your point about the maximum number of recordings, but observation of the 320Gb drive it replaced showed that some 150 recorded programmes had an average .ts filesize of 1.25Gb. 511 files of this average size would be >500Mb, and the 1Tb WD10EVDS was basically more cost-effective, and was specifically designed for AV/set-top boxes, than the available 800Gb drives.
    However, since I extracted all of these recordings using HumaxRW to my media server as part of the 'upgrade' process, I was content to reformat the 320Gb and reuse it. The 1Tb will now be used for storage and streaming archived recordings from the HDR-Fox-T2 instead.
  4. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    Always worth trying but the response I got from WD support was effectively "not our problem".
  5. ColinS

    ColinS Member

    Official response from Humax is to reset the box. Process as follows. When I get time to try this upgrade again (following the process), I will post the results to this thread.
    1. Power OFF the Humax box
    (Remove plug or switch off at the wall)

    2. Disconnect the Aerial cable
    (Labelled Antenna In)

    3. Power ON the Humax box
    (Reverse of step 1.)

    4. Press the MENU button on the remote

    5. Select INSTALLATION

    6. Enter your password
    (default = 0000)

    7. Select DEFAULT SETTING from the menu

    8. Select YES
    (When asked if you want to reset all setting values)

    9. Enter your password
    (Default = 0000)

    The Screen will now flick on and off at this time, before restarting and searching for channels

    10. When the receiver restarts stop the channel search and power OFF the Humax Box

    11. Connect the Aerial Cable
    (Labelled Antenna In)

    12. Power ON the Humax box - the receiver will then search for the channels
    (Allow some time to complete)

    13. Once finished a box will appear in the bottom of the screen prompting SAVE, press OK

    14. This will save the found channels and eject you onto live TV
    (if you are looking at a menu screen simply press EXIT on the remote until you are on live TV)

    15. Finish, you have now completed the process
  6. KarlK

    KarlK New Member

    Does anyone have experience of upgrading a 9300T to 1TB using a different hard drive? Seeing that apparently the 9300T comes with a Seagate Pipeline 320Gb drive (I haven't opened mine but I think I read this somewhere) I was thinking of having a go with a Seagate Pipeline 1Tb drive (ST31000533CS).

    And by the way, my 9300T's 320Gb drive is nearly full with fewer than 200 recordings - quite a few movies, which take up lots of space!
  7. Zimmer88

    Zimmer88 New Member

    Just tried to upgrade using Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1Tb.....almost exactly the same symptoms :(

    Resetting the box using the above procedure did not eliminate the problems....re-installed the old 320Gb drive, normal service resumed. :)