Time Bar Error with Streamed Playback

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
The green line that appears at the bottom of the screen to monitor playback progress when you press the cursor controls (and other things) - for the purposes of this post I'm going to dub it the "time bar".*

I was streaming a half-hour recording from 5* (which may have something to do with it) and when I skipped the ads I noticed the time bar claimed the end time was 00:18. Feathers ruffled, I played on and was relieved the recording actually continued to the end of the programme plus padding, and skimming the time bar the marker went to 00:33 (while the end of the bar still said 00:18).

What's really curious: when the marker reached the end the playback skipped back to 00:18 and carried on!

On the HDR-FOX, the programme is marked as broken "this programme appears not to have been broadcast". That's a new one!

* Does it have another name? Has anybody else called it anything? If not, "time bar" it shall remain!