Time off by amount a minute


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Hi all,
I think I have fixed this by installing the ntp client but I'd still like to know what was causing it. Recently, all recorded programmes have been finishing about a minute early (I have the the padding set for 1 minute stop and start just to be on the safe side anyway). Checking the time on the Humax does show this (checking with my phone/laptop, all set and updated from an ntp time source themselves).
Any idea what would cause this "drift", and will the ntp time client stop it?
I cant find anywhere on the box, or web-if, that shows the current time to the second-is there one?


You can run the date command from a telnet session CLI if you want to see the time to the second.

The box's clock is known to drift over timer. On shut down it stores the current time in the front panel processor which keeps the clock running and then when the box comes out of standby again it reads it back from the front panel. The front panel clock probably isn't exactly accurate hence the clock tends to drift over time, particularly if the box spends a lot of time in standby.

To fix it, put the box into standby and turn it off/on using the rocker switch on the back - leave at least 10 seconds between off and on and ensure that it is really in standby (i.e. disk not running) first. On the next boot it will retrieve the correct time and date from the freeview feed and you should be back in sync. I do this with mine every couple of weeks although since I use AR to record it isn't as critical.