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My HDR-T2's clock is 35 seconds slow.
Anyone know how it's supposed to stay in sync.?
I'd have thought the Humax software should do it from the OTA timestamps, but it obviously wasn't working. I've put it right manually by doing this:
humax# /usr/bin/ntpclient -s -h pool.ntp.org

The box has been on for 6 days and runs 24/7.
Any thoughts?
It was thought that it syncs to broadcasts when it wakes from standby (warm start), BUT the current thoughts is that it only syncs on a cold start e.g. a real power cycle
That's hopeless. Those dimbos at Humax need a good shake.
I guess I'll have to add a line containing the above to /mod/etc/anacrontab then...
Does it really matter?

There is a package for setting the time from an Internet source - used for antennaless operation.
Yes, it does matter. It's confusing when it's wrong at the very least.
My old 9200 can manage to stay in sync., so why not a more modern machine?

I was aware of that package, but didn't install it because it isn't antenna-less and I assumed I wouldn't need it.
Also, the Humax standard firmware (I assume that's what is in /usr/bin) has a client so why not make use of it?
I'm just wondering why they wouldn't sync the time very time it's taken out of standby, maybe a 'jump' in time happening on every switch from standby could mess something up, not sure what, but . . .
It programmes the current time into the front panel real time clock when it goes into standby and reads it back on boot.
I don't know why it doesn't then adjust the time based on the broadcast stream.

Different HDR units experience different amounts of clock drift and partly it seems to depend on how long a box spends in standby.