Titles are wrong but synopsis is right


Hi all,

I have recorded over the various weeks and months The A Team (for my kids ;) ). It seems that when using the dedup method the title of the file is off set by one. The synopsis is right but the title to the recording is wrong. If you refer to the database /mod/var/tvdb/77904.db, the titles and synopsis are right.

Is there an easy way to perhaps reapply the dedup process or something or take the titles and synopsis from this db file?

I have titles
S3e09 - A-Team - Sheriffs of Rivertown
S3e10 - A-Team - The Bells of St. Mary's

The synposis of s3e10 is correct but should be titled 'Sheriffs of Rivertown'. Some recordings were back to back but not all the time but it does seem to be consistent in that the titles are 1 out.




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I have noticed wrong titles on some chilldrens series I recorded for the granddaughter but I havem't bothered to investigate whether it is a systematic problem