Anybody had a go with a CAM in this box? I've had a quick google and found that ESPN might work with a TopUp TV CAM, but I'm interested to see if anybody has had any success with Sky Sports?
With the lack of sky player on the TV Portal due to it being delayed/pulled whatever?? I thought I might look into this?

Thanks, Jon
Brill thanks for your reply. Does it record ok?

Does or has anybody else tried sky sports with a cam in a HDR?

If my experience using a Topfield 5800 using a CAM and card is anything to go by, yes you can record. It makes encrypted files to disk, and uses the card on playback to decrypt the file, which is why you don't need one card for each tuner. I think there may be a time limitation on how long you can leave it before watching the programme depending on how often the supplier of the card alters the encryption.
i'm not sure about the time limit, but there are certain times when you cant play back recordings, if you are recording on two muxes at same time, then you cant watch espn recordings, or at least that was the case on 9300t?

also their epg is crap, no series link any longer, and the amount of times that the recording has completed only to find that the programme scheduled wasnt broadcast? i imagine this is because the content on freeview is diff to that on other platforms and that the epg is based on these? when it does record then the quality of the picture of say football, is nowhere near as good as those boradcast on the bbc or itv. however if, as i am, you are keen on italian, german or dutch football then you cant go wrong, altho they seem to be giving quite a biit of prime time to bloody rugby which i cant stand!!
Mmm, I've been looking at the line up and it's not full sport on ESPN. Yes they have some good stuff like football, but I won't watch that rugby or the other stuff on there like the basketball.
Recording does sound an issue though? Wonder if that problem will be the same on the HDR?

I am ideally after somebody that has tried Sky Sports. Topup TV said that I can't register it on a humax because on the signal that gets sent back from them to activate the card? Don't know how true this is.
I'm thinking of trying a cheap topup box to activate my card, then swap it into the humax??
Has anybody had a go at this?
Just a quick question on this one again. Has anybody got Sky Sports on their HDR? Does the trick I've read on google work? That is registering your card on a box that talks back to TopUp TV and then putting your card into your Humax??

Thanks, Jon.
I've called TopUp and they wouldn't activate it on a Humax HDR. They said that Humax boxes do not allow the activation signal to be received to activate the card? I would have to go buy a box with the sky sports logo on it other wise they wouldn't touch it. I could however activate ESPN on my Humax.
Mmm, doesn't look good, thanks for your help. I'm not daring enough to try if there is a chance it won't work?