Total Crash

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Slight hiccup - I had to reflash my HD-FOX to get it to do anything at all.

I've not been too careful about power cycling: I have the HD-FOX hooked up to a Qumi, and because the Qumi has no remote on/off at the moment (very crudely) I have a remote control on the wall socket and just zap the whole lot (note to self: move RC to the Qumi outlet only). However, at first sight the power cycling had nothing to do with the problem.

I started up last night and had the vision-but-no-sound HDMI problem. So I cycled through stand-by... and the HD-FOX wouldn't start up again. Whatever I did - reset, stand-by button, cold start - all I got was a green light and the Humax splash screen, going back to black screen and red light. One clue I got was that before it shut down the front panel showed "UPDA".

Nothing left to try, I reflashed official 1.02.20 and all was well again.
My HD box always shows "UPDA" when shutting down. Thats normal.

I think you just had a HDMI negotiation problem. Probably, if you had switched the TV off/on, it might have rectified itself.
Or it could have been the memory in the box was corrupt in some way, preventing boot up. As you were only switching off with the button rather than pulling the plug, it might not have cleared the ram cache out.

Sometimes (very rare mind), I will get a purple tint on the screen and no sound on the HD box.
Both shutting down the box and restarting it, or switching inputs on the TV and then selecting HDMI again reset it back to normal.

Its been reported countless times before that these boxes do occasionally have HDMI issues, hence why each update normally contained a mention about it being "improved".
This was far worse than the case you describe. Even from a complete cold start (mains off), the box refused to do more than show its splash screen and then go back to stand-by - it was not just failing to negotiate HDMI.
My HD box always shows "UPDA" when shutting down. Thats normal.
I have checked this, and mine only shows "UPDA" when it is crashing. I have unconfirmed suspicions that it may be related to the presence of a USB stick, and in particular an update file on the USB stick.

Contrary to my OP, I have had some success recovering by pressing the standby button on the unit instead of the remote.
hmmm i do have a HDD & wifi plugged in, but deffo no update file on there.
I'll confirm what it does my end tonight or at the weekend.
My HD also shows that. Is this just the Humax safely ejecting the USB device whether it has one plugged in or not, and if not going through the motions anyway?
I get a message onscreen 'USB device loading' at start up.
As far as I know, I only get "USB loading" if I insert the stick while live. The doubt is because maybe my display booting conceals something.
Yep, i get the USB device loading too at startup, depending of course on how long the humax takes to power up and recognise the usb hdd.
Confirmed last night that the box ALWAYS shows "UPDA" when shutting down, just before the hdd is powered down. as 4291 says, its probably safely ejecting at this point.