Totally unreliable - how can I fix it?


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Now on my third humax Dtr t2000 in 2 years. First two only part recorded some programmes, also dropped all scheduled recordings. Had aerial checked, New ethernet cable and realtime TV is fine. But records say 3 minutes of some programmes and sometimes does not record at all. Is it the stations signals at fault or are these machines just unreliable junk? Live in Horsham West Sussex.Help please.
Having the same problem, my original box started part recording or failing all together to record programmes. Got a replacement box from Humax as my year warranty was up with shop I bought it from. That box was even worse. Got my latest one from them and it's practically unwatchable. The screen goes blank. When I take aerial out and put it directly into TV it works fine?
Also the customer service is terrible, some of the people who you have to deal with have no people skills and are unhelpful to say the least. I'll have to try and get another swap on the latest box. Not looking forward to calling them.
I'd never buy another Humax product after this carry on!