Transfer files from dead PVR-9150T to HDR-FOX T2

Craig Rushforth

New Member
I have managed to rescue recordings from a dying pvr9150T onto my computer hdd using humaxrw.

Is it possible/advisible to transfer these files to an hdrfox-t2 ?

my hdrfox-t2 has custom fw and ftp, but i notice that apart from the .ts file the accompanying files have different file extensions.
Put one on and see what happens. If they don't have .hmt and .nts files they won't have the same transport control as native recordings, but these may be reconstructable using the AV2HDR utility.

The big question is whether the .ts plays at all - try it.
Thanks for the heads up on AV2HDR, didn;t know about that.

I processed one file and transferred it, seems to work. ;-)

I will try an unprocessed one as I have a few files and there doesn't appear to be a batch convert option

cheers for the advice
yep - should read pvr9150T

the link you provided is to the version(1.0) of AV2HDR-T2 i used successfully

Have edited the original post to reflect this, (though can't edit its title)