Transferring files from 9200T - no sound


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Hi all. Well I finally managed, with help from, to get some files off my old 9200T and onto the PC, using "Humax PVR9200T Media Controller". The files (which have a .ts extension) play fine on the PC using VLC. I transferred them to my Fox T2 via USB stick, but on there they play with no sound (and one of the 3 can't be skipped through, for some reason, but I can live with that).

Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? I have searched but can't find any suggestions.

I really expected there to be some easy way to transfer files from one machine to another. Hopefully this is something that might get added in future!

The Humax customer service people fixed the issue - turns out all I had to do was switch audio from multi-channel to stereo!