Transferring files to Humax from PC


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Hi all,

Hopefully you can help as ive been reading for a while now and im getting no where.

I currently have a Popcorn Hour network media tank. I can access this from my PC as it shows as a network drive.

Can you do something similar with the Humax Fox T2 or is the only way to access the files to use FTP?

Also. It is possible to view content from the PCH on the Humax?

There will be a setting in the drive control panel (the way I read it this is a media network drive) to enable UPnP or DLNA. this is the only way your Humax will be able to "see" the drive (unless you mod it). After that it will show up in Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network.

To view the HDR-FOX content with the PC, you need to enable content sharing (Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On), and then it will need time to build its content database. After that you will be able to access StDef content using the PC, by running a DLNA-capable media player (eg VLC or XBMC).