Transferring old recording - elu, epg, hre files

Ed Ludlow

I've got all the recording off my old PVR9300T, and FTPd the files to my new HDR-FOX T2. All seems to be working.

My question is: do I need the .elu, .epg and .hre files that are associated with each .ts file? There came off the old device, but need they go onto the new one? They're tiny files, so I'm not worried about space saving, it's more what they do...

The HDR also uses a set of 'sidecar' files, but they have different names e.g. *.hmt, *.nts, *.thm, so the PVR9300T sidecar files won't be used be the HDR. The files hold info. such as bookmarks and thumbnail pictures for the video
Thanks - AV2HRD looks good. However is it possible to "import" the data I already have (from the old 9300T) using the existing files?