Transferring recordings to PC - where do I download drivers?

I need to free up some space on the hard drive by transferring some recordings that I would like to keep to my PC.

I believe there is a Humax programme for this but that there might also be some better programmes written to do the job.

Can someone point me in the direction of the best software and possibly talk me through how its done?

many thanks

Apologies for my short and quickly typed reply...

There are a number of alternatives. Which one is best will depend on your technical experience, computer and needs.

Your choice will be influenced by what sort of PC you have and what you want to do with the recording on the PC. 32 or 64 bit? Windows/mac/linux? Will you eventually want to move the recording back to the 9200T? Are you prepare to open the 9200T up and connect the drive to your computer?

Initially have a look at

Elinker is the official Humax software. Elinker does not work on computers that are not 32 bit or not Windows. Elinker is very slow and can be very flaky, bombing out at the last minute. It does work fine for my 9200Ts but when I connect my computer to a mate's 9200T it struggles even with short recordings.

Media Controller does not need you to open up your 9200T. It is also possible to set it up on a 64 bit Windows computer. Media Controller's negatives are that it is slow and it does not enable recordings to be moved back to the 9200T drive.

Humaxrw is the fastest and most versatile. Humaxrw works on a 64 bit windows computer but is controlled via line commands and requires you to open up your 9200T. There is a GUI front end that can be added if you do not like line commands.

I was sure that had a good summary but cannot locate it today.
Thnaks Luke. I am running a Windows 7 64 bit pc.

I'm not hugely technically minded but can follow instructions well provided they're clear.

I must admit a GUI front ends appeal rather than command lines so Media Controller looks like it might do the job.

I'm not too worried about transferring material back to the 9200 as the principal reason for doing this si to clear some space on the hard drive. There's a load of my daughter's Justin Bieber related programmes I want to get off and a couple of my own bits.

I've looked at the link on My Humax blog and can see the various downloads Ok but not a GUI front end for Humaxrw?

Finally going to transfer some old recordings from my 9200 to my PC.

I have Humaxrw-1.14-win32 (1) with GUI downloaded and my 9200 connected via USB.

Humaxrw isn't seeing the 9200 so I'm guessing I need the drivers (Windows was unable to install).

Where do I get the correct drivers from? My PC is using Windows 7 64bit


You've misunderstood. Humaxrw needs the drive on the PC. You have to take it out of the 9200 and connect it (somehow - up to you how) to the PC directly.
I used an IDE-USB adapter.
This, but I wouldn't recommend it. USB transfer from the 9200 is exceedingly slow and unreliable.
If you have the bits, taking the drive out and attaching it to the PC is a much better idea.
The Humax PVR-9200T has a "Type B" USB port, unlike the HD/HDR-FOX T2 which have "Type A" USB ports, so a standard A to B cable is all that is required to connect to a PC.

Edit: Martin beat me to it.:)
OK so I've downloaded PVR9200T Media Controller V1.05 but can't even unpack the driver despite following the instructions. Probably written prior to Windows 7 64 bit?

When I get to stage 7 "Select the "HumaxSTBAlternate.inf" file and click the "Open" button." that is just a read me file?

Can someone talk me through this process please or suggest an alternative bit of software (if there is a better one) that will enable me to transfer files without having to remove the HDD.

Thanks for your forbearance.

I'm not a 9200 owner, so I don't know exactly, but it should be just a case of opening up by removing a few screws, extracting the drive by removing a few screws, unplugging it from the cables inside, and connecting it to your cables outside.

The USB drive adapter will just plug in (it may be necessary to move a jumper on the drive, but we can advise when you can see and describe it), and as long as you have a recent Windows it will be recognised as an external drive (but not be usable without accessing it via humaxrw). Simples.

I'm sure somebody has done it and will be along shortly to confirm.
I'm not a 9200 owner, so I don't know exactly, but it should be just a case of opening up by removing a few screws, extracting the drive by removing a few screws, unplugging it from the cables inside, and connecting it to your cables outside.
Yup that is correct. You remove five screws on the back of the case and lift the top of the case off. You then remove four screws that hold the caddy supporting the drive, remove the data and power cable from the drive, lift the drive out and attach the USB adaptor and its power supply. One word of warning; do not be tempted to use the 9200 with lid off; it is far too easy to touch the power supply and destroy it.