Transmission Questions:


Hi this feature looks great I have some questions:

  1. How are the transmission settings managed? Is it possible to access the settings such that I can set a download schedule and enable the web gui for transmission
  2. If it is possible to create a schedule then can the box be turned on at say 1am and have torrents stop at 7am. This is useful as I have unrestricted internet at these times and so this is the best time to download torrents.
The web GUI is already enabled - once you have it installed and running there should be a Transmission link near the bottom of the main web interface screen. I think you can manage schedules from within there but that's from memory.

If not, you'll have to edit the configuration file on the disk which is on the disk under /mod/etc - you can FTP it back to a PC to edit it if you aren't comfortable editing it on the box.

For the daily wakeup/sleep cycle you can do this through the standard on-screen menus Settings->Preferences->Time. Through the remote scheduling portal you can add additional wake/sleep cycles if required.
Transmission has a schedule (time/day) that can be used if desire, and you can also switch to a "Turtle" mode (restricted bandwidth) - check out the preference settings once installed. Works well for me.
I am having issues with changing the settings via the web gui. Whenever I save the settings it crashes transmission. Any idea whats going on or where I can find the logs to figure out whats going on?

It's doing the same for me, although it does seem to save the settings. I can't get any sensible debug information out of it, I'll have a look at building a later version.
Try updating transmission to the new 2.42 package. It seems much more stable.
Try updating transmission to the new 2.42 package. It seems much more stable.
This sounds like a good idea, can you provide some info on how to update transmission on the box. I'm okie with linux etc just not sure what update things to do.


Just type: opkg update && opkg upgrade transmission
or use the web interface package management
Do it from the package management pages on the WebIF, or if you have auto-update installed it will do it for itself first boot tomorrow.