Transmission torrent client keeps crashing

Matt Leech

New Member
Hi all,

Transmission has installed without any trouble and the web client loads and starts torrents just fine.

However, after a short while (maybe ten minutes but often fewer) I get the Transmission Web Client displays this message:

Connection Failed
Could not connect to the server. You​
may need to reload the page to connect​
[Dismiss] [Details]

Service Management then shows transmission as not running.

I can tap the switch to enable it but it crashes again immediately.

I've removed and reinstalled transmission but that didn't fix the problem.

The only way to get transmission running again is to reboot the Humax box, but after a short period of downloading it crashes again.

Any ideas?

Hardware and software details:
Humax HDR-FOX T2
Web interface version: 0.9.14
Custom firmware version: 2.12
Humax Version: 1.02.29

Hi Ezra,

It's a 1TB drive with approx 82% free (708GB), so no problem there.

The only log file I ca find with information relating to transmission is /tmp/mongoose_error.log which contains:

[1350112850] [error] [client] GET /scrape: Error 404: Not Found
[1350112871] [error] [client] GET /scrape: Error 404: Not Found
[1350112920] [error] [client] GET /announce: Error 404: Not Found
[1350112931] [error] [client] GET /announce: Error 404: Not Found
[1350112953] [error] [client] GET /announce: Error 404: Not Found
[1350112990] [error] [client] GET /scrape: Error 404: Not Found
[1350113011] [error] [client] GET /scrape: Error 404: Not Found

*scratching head*


After reading this information on on the Transmission website which sounded very much like the problem that I'm encountering (trac transmission bt ticket 5002 if you're interested, but I can't include a link cos I'm a newbie on this forum) I tried disabling utp but that didn't work either.

Then I removed the five torrents from Transmission and re-added just one of them. After an hour Transmission was still running ok so I added another. It's now been running for another hour without crashing.

I'll leave it like this until those two downloads have finished and then add a couple more. Maybe it was one of the torrents that was causing the problem.