Transmission Won't Install


Hi all, I have a problem with Transmission using the modified firmware. I've installed from the web interface, this ran fine. But every time I enter transmission it stops running? There is also no torrents folder installed when I install the package? Pease can somebody help.

Thanks, Jon.
Can you expand on 'stops running'? I use transmission quite a bit and don't have any problems. If I recall correctly, the torrent directory gets created when it's needed.
It only runs when the humax is not in standby and the Transmission GUI should be linked to from the main web interface screen..
Thanks for your response. Just to clarify.
When I install from the web interface it gets to configuring and then it stays there for ever. I can click OK and it looks as if transmission is installed. I can see it on the front end of the web interface and can click into it. I can add torrents but when they start to download I get a transmission message stating

"Connection Failed. Could not connect to the server, you may need to reload the page to reconnect"

I don't think it has installed correctly as the torrent is there and sometimes it starts to download. But there is no torrent directory on the HDR?

To get back into transmission I have to start the service once again?

Thanks in advance, Jon.