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This new beta package provides some additional functionality to the 'transport' controls.
A reboot will be required after installation.

When this package is installed the following changes are made to the transport controls:

The first press of the pause button will pause as before but subsequent presses will each advance by one frame. Use the play button to resume normal playback.​
After the slow (trick mode) button is pressed, slow mode is activated, the Rewind and FFwd buttons will then slow it down or speed it up respectively. To change direction first pause and then select a direction using Rewind/FFwd (it will then start moving at the slowest speed). Repeated presses of these buttons will speed up/slow down still further. Press Play to resume normal operation.​
Slow button: x1/2 fwd​
Rew button: x1/4 fwd​
Rew button: x1/8 fwd​
Rew button: x1/16 fwd​
[Further presses of the rewind button will not change the speed or direction]​
Pause button: pause​
Rew button: x1/16 rew​
Rew button: x1/4 rew​
Rew button: x1 rew​
If the FFwd button is pressed instead then the above sequence is reversed.​

Known bugs:

When playing a remote recording via a dlna network connecton, a frame advance occurs only on alternate presses of the pause button.​
The onscreen display of speed/direction will be incorrect when using the slow modes - this is very unlikely to be fixable.​

Edit: Attachment deleted since this package is now in the beta repository.
Edit2: x1/2 and x1/8 slow rewind speeds are unavailable, x1/16 rewind added.
Edit3: Changed the description of slow mode to match that of version 0.4
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Frame advance is nice.
Not sure how much use 1/16 fwd really is, and the other fwd's are already provided.
Reverse just jumps backwards, by the same amount, with varying degrees of latency. This is more or less useless (to me anyway).
Lots of trial and error. There is some example nexus code on the web but no available header files to get the function prototypes.
:eek: :confused: Cool. This is mega. What's Nexus and how do"we" know about it???
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The Nexus API is used to control the Broadcom SoC via the broadcom driver kernel module. The Nexus library provides many Nexus functions some of which are intercepted by flash packages containing libraries in '/mod/boot/2/'.

In the case of this particular package for the frame advance function, the functions 'NEXUS_Playback_Pause' and 'NEXUS_Playback_Play' are intercepted to call 'NEXUS_Playback_FrameAdvance' when appropriate.
It's truly astonishing, given what's found its way to GitHub (etc) that no old header files from either the Broadcom Nexus or the Opera Devices SDK have accidentally appeared on-line.
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You can now upload .opk files to forums avoiding the need for unzipping

Remove attchment
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Any chance this revelation can be used to fix the transport control bug where if the TSR is maxed the forward skip button jumps to the end of buffer instead of just skipping a fixed interval?
This has now been updated to version 0.2.

The original plan was that when in slow mode, alternating between the FFWD and REW buttons should reverse the direction but maintain the same rate. Unfortunately it turns out that in slow reverse the x1/2 and x1/8 speeds are not available so version 0.2 works around this limitation. Previously in version 0.1 changing direction would jump to the fastest slow speed.

x1/2 fwd -> x1 rew -> x1/2 fwd
x1/4 fwd -> x1/4 rew -> x1/4 fwd
x1/8 fwd -> x1/16 rew -> x1/16 fwd
x1/16 fwd -> x1/16 rew -> x1/16 fwd

I have corrected the original post to show the x1/2 and x1/8 slow reverse speeds are unavailable.
To me, this seems an inconsistency.

From half speed forward, reversing gets full speed reverse (because half speed isn't available), and forward again gets half speed forward. Fair enough.

But what you are saying is that from 1/8th speed forward, reversing gets 1/16th speed reverse (because 1/8th speed isn't available), and forward again gets you 1/16th speed - which is not where you started from. I might suggest that, for consistency, it ought to be 1/8 fwd > 1/4 rev > 1/8 fwd.

Unless what you mean is the mechanics are forcing that scheme.
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