Trixes wireless adaptor wouldn't find my wireless network - now fixed (info for others)


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Having just spent a few hours trying to connect to my router with a Trixes WiFi Wireless USB Adaptor Fast 150MBPS from, I though I would share my findings to save others wasting their time.

I plugged the adaptor into the hummy and searched for networks several times. My network did not appear, but others in my street did.

Next plugged the adaptor into my laptop and installed drivers - all worked fine.

Put adaptor back in hummy and moved router next to hummy - still my network not found.

My SSID has a 16 character name and so I wondered if hummy had a problem with that as all SSID names shown were less than 16 characters. Changed SSID - still not found. Changed from WPA2 to no security - still not found.

Tried switching power off on hummy and router several times - still not found.

Ran a wireless network scanner (inSSIDer) to see if there could be lots of networks on same channel as mine, in case that was the problem. Here I noticed that none of the 3 networks on channel 1 (mine + 2 others) were being detected. There were 6 networks on channel 11 and the hummy had found 4 of them (other 2 were very weak). So changed to channel 11 and lo and behold my network was found. Went through all the channels to see if there were problems with any others.

:( Channels 1->4 ARE NOT picked up by the hummy
:) Channels 5->13 - ARE picked up by the hummy

Put my router on channel 5 as this gave the best signal/connection to the hummy.

This must be a hummy problem as the Trixes adaptor works fine on all channels in my laptop.
The Humax is very particular what chipset is in the USB WiFi dongle. Chances are the one you have is not compatible.

There are several posts on here about such things, search is your best bet as I haven't the need for a USB WiFi dongle and am not up to speed with it.
Interesting. As far as I can see this adapter is using the correct RT3070 chip for compatibility. Whether this issue with channels 1-4 is general I have no idea - it is possible it has not been reported before because nobody else is on those channels (I moved out of that area years ago, and in any case I don't use WiFi on the Humax).

The main topic for WiFi adapters is HERE (click), and I will add this to the index of useful topics HERE (click).
It would be good to know if the other recommended adaptors have the same problems to work out if it is a general hummy problem or just for the Trixes .
I agree, but I see no reason it should be a specific problem for your WiFi adapter (also available from Amazon, by the way) since it is just a clone of all the other RT3070 dongles.