Trouble auto-mounting NAS


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Have been running automount for several months fairly uneventfully after fixing addresses to stop my router confusing things after mains failure reboots. However, I seem to have a worsening problem when trying to transfer (series) folders to the NAS.
Media - blue button - USB - select NAS - top level folder (about 1.2TB ~ 120 files)
If I select a folder/single file on the HDR internal drive to transfer:-
Opt - copy/move - select NAS - red button to copy. On screen dialog says "added for copy" and top right status indicator shows "copying"
Checking for copy of the file afterwards on the NAS would usually confirm successful copy for single files, but sometimes not for series folders. In these cases doing the media - blue button - select NAS - would only show the empty folder name, but no files either in the folder or elsewhere on the NAS. Rebooting the HDR and giving it a minute to remount the NAS would usually confirm the original 1.2TB was still on the NAS, and that the upload from the HDR hadn't happened. Checking via the pc would confirm this also.
The copy to NAS upload could be re-tried, usually successfully. The first couple of times I deleted the video from the HDR without verifying the upload to the NAS first - thank you for the undelete!

This is very frustrating on playback as well. If I want to watch something from the NAS but it is displaying no content I have to do a reboot, but the HDR might be recording something else then so obviously I don't want to reboot.

Any suggestions please.
Running HDR T2 , Web interface version: 1.2.8-16
Custom firmware version: 3.10 (build 2734)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.10)
Loader Version: a7.30
Zyxel 2 disk NSA325
wired LAN

Apart from above all hardware/software seems to be alright.

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The only thing I can offer is that transfers do seem to bomb out when moving large blocks. You might be better off managing the copy from the NAS end rather than with the Humax doing the managing.