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Trouble mounting a DTR-T1000 drive in windows with ext2fsd


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Hi all,

My DTR-T1000 has died and I wanted to see if I can copy some of the standard definition video recordings from the hard drive onto my Windows 7 laptop. I have installed ext2fsd and when I connect the drive I see a list of volumes added in the ext2 volume manager. There is a 4GB EXT3 volume that I can mount and read, but which is empty apart from a lost+found directory. There are then 6 other volumes varying between about 0.5GB and 400GB that are all listed as RAW file system. If mounted, these are not readable and Windows just offers to format them.

Has anyone had any success with this? Is there a trick to mounting these RAW volumes in a format that Windows can read, or is it simply that they are encrypted? I had read that SD recordings were not encrypted but perhaps that is not the case.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Black Hole

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When doing anything with a non-Windows drive, you are better off using a Linux PC than a Windows one. Yes, I know you don't have a Linux PC, but you could have - just download a live Ubuntu boot image, burn a DVD from it, and use it to boot the PC.


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Thanks for the advice. I took the drive to work and hooked it up to my linux computer and I could mount and read the partitions perfectly. I've now copied the files off to a USB drive and have been pleasantly surprised to find my blu-ray player can read the .ts files from the USB stick without any problems. Many thanks!