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I normally have my HDR-FOX set to "pillar box" and that gives me the result I want the vast majority of the time: 16:9 broadcasts are 16:9 (ie full screen) on the widescreen TV, broadcasts of 4:3 material are presented with black bars at the sides to maintain the 4:3 aspect ratio. If I were to be using "auto", 4:3 material would be stretched to fill 16:9 - so people would look short and fat.

This works for M*A*S*H (1900-2000) on True Entertainment (LCN 61), but not for The Avengers following it: it appears that the 4:3 original is being given black sidebars by the broadcaster to make it 16:9 at source, but transmitted with the 4:3 flag! This results in my pillar box setting adding further sidebars, so that the original video frame is now squashed up tall and thin! Pillocks. I have to switch to auto for The Avengers and then back to pillar box for M*A*S*H.

The current set of adverts still have the 4:3 flag despite being 16:9, so now the meerkats are short and fat!

(The Avengers is a load of antiquated rubbish, but Diana Rigg is a bit of a heart-throb!)
Sorry that this is a bit of a rushed post but will expand late Saturday if needed.

On 4:3 broadcasts/recordings that go too narrow when viewed on an HDR-FOX T2 I find I need to switch to a broadcasting 16:9 TV channel/recording, switch from auto and then back to the 4:3 programme. BTW I don't get similar issues on a HDR-2000T using an HDR-FOX T2 remote!
You reckon that's easier than simply switching to auto for the duration of the troublesome broadcast? Try The Avengers on the 2000T and see if it's the same.

OK, was (if you insist), but at least we have her caught in a time bubble. Then she got shot.
What is wrong with these people at True Entertainment?
The B&W series were broadcast as Black Hole states. It was impossible (for me) to correct the problem on a 2000T. Even more annoying on a 4:3 tv where I can't get a 4:3 programme displayed on a 4:3 screen. Grrr! The only way I can watch this properly is to download it to a PC and adjust the 4:3 to 16:9, upload it and fiddle with the display options.
Now with the colour series, we've had the the same problem for one episode, but with the end titles full-screen (but strangely bloated). Since then, the whole programme looks too wide and the sound is very odd (a bit "Pinky and Perky" if you ask me). I'm not sure there is anything I can do to make these easier to watch.