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Paul Butt

Has it moved channels? I note in the radio times its listed as Channel 61 but it's not on my EPG. And in the RT it has listings in the RT. RESOLVED
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So does that sort your problem, or was that just for info and you still have the LCN problem?


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S4C nicked the space used by E4 and (on a different mux.) E4 nicked the space used by True Entertainment.
Paul Butt

Paul Butt

Why is there a gap from channel 9 to 62 in Wales ? And is there an explanation why True entertainment wasn't launched in Wales?

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The table here (also linked from the main forum listing) tells you what services you should be receiving, their LCN, and what multiplex carries them. You might not be able to receive all the multiplexes (especially COM8).

You're right, True Entertainment isn't ticked for Wales (is that such a loss??).

To find out which broadcast channel each multiplex is transmitted on in your locality, plug your postcode in here: