Trying to update the HDR-FOX T2 with custom firmware

Andy Hulse

New Member
Hi all

I am trying to update the HDR-FOX T2 with latest version of custom firmware and it gets as far as the initial HUMAX loading screen where it should kick the update off but nothing happens

Any suggestions??


Have you got another USB device plugged in at the same time? If so then remove it and try again.
Yeah, I have a dim recollection of a stick that my HDR wouldn't read once, although OK everywhere else.
It seems to be quite a common problem given the frequency of the same question.
Here are some WiKi notes on USB Flash problems encountered whilst installing firmware :-

Some USB Flash / Disk Drives* are reported not to work, The reason for this is not fully understood, However the following Tips are known to help :-

  • Ensure no other USB devices are connected
  • Do not use a USB extender cable
  • Removing all other files / full-formatting can prevent file fragmentation
  • Try both USB ports (HDR)
  • Smaller capacity drives seem to work more successfully than large ones
  • Last Resort, Try a different USB Flash Drive
One factor (but possibly not the only one) in some not working is the limited driver support available in the pre-boot loader environment. Smaller UPDs are likely to be older in design, and therefore compatible with older versions of the USB mass storage drivers.
Thanks for the replies guys, tried a different USB stick freshly formatted with fat32 and all worked flawlessly, another quick query has anyone got the sky player working?
Sky Player?? That has never been available as standard; there was a custom exploit which hooked into Humax's development work, but even that died a very long time ago. IIRC you also had to have (or obtain) a spare Sky subscription pass.
it is still in most of the custom portals so was just wondering why it wasn't working but sounds like no development is happening with it then
their is a package that can be installed from the pkg manager through the web start page for the box called custom portal
I presume that custom portal and portal-xtra1 will be removed from the Package Management >> Available screen before long as support for pre 1.03.xx Custom Firmware is being discontinued and only the new-portal is compatible with 1.03.xx
It's support for CFW 2 that is being discontinued, not 1.02.xx underlying firmware.