Tuning Problem. Tunefix?


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For reasons that escape me just at this moment, I re-tuned my T2. All channels seemed to be there with BBC1 on 1, ITV on 2 etc. BBC1HD on 101, BBC2 HD on 102 etc.
Rebooted for tunefix to do its stuff. Ended up with BBC1 HD on 1, ITV on 2 etc. OK.
No ch 101, BBC2 on 102, ITV on 103, Ch4 on 104 etc.
Where has BBC1 on ch 101 gone?
Rebooted. No good
Retuned (stations OK in 'normal order' until reboot)
Rebooted. Lost ch101.
Uninstalled tunefix and tunefix update.
Re-installed both
Re-tuned all channels OK in 'normal order' until reboot
Rebooted. Lost ch 101 again.
What's up doc?
How can I get around the magically disappearing ch 101 so that I can have BBC1 SD on it for the local stuff?
The only other thing that I haven't tried yet is a power cycle as HWMBO has commandeered the TV so no more fiddling for a while.
Well WTF is it called? And why has it worked just fine and dandy in the past?
More to the point, how can I get ch101 set to BBC 1 SD or whatever it is called?

Sorted now HWMBO has gone to bed thanks . It's called BBC ONE S East.
Correct name in Tunefix.
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I would have put BBC ONE there weeks ago. It has survived dozens of reboots of being on 101. It was only yesterday after the retune that it went tits up.
The only answer to that is if the channel identification in the tuning database has changed specifically from "BBC ONE" to "BBC ONE S East" (when you did the retune). If it was "BBC ONE S East" all along, you must be mis-remembering the circumstances. Might you have renamed it previously?

My channel ID for BBC1 has been "BBC ONE West" and "BBC ONE Wales" for as long as I can remember.
No, I haven't miss remembered the circumstances. It was months ago that I setup tunefix as shown, and it has been OK for months. I know I've had BBC1SD on LCN101 because I sometimes lose all HD channels and have to view/record the SD Versions. So how did that work. (rhet)
After all that, with the clue from prpr and another retune to get the correct channel name, it's now fixed. Thanks again prpr.

I have a screendump dated May 16 2016 showing BBC ONE, so it's been like that at least that long.
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The name of the channel in my area is BBC ONE South, not just BBC ONE perhaps in some of your earlier channel swapping experiments you renamed it to remove the region qualifier which was OK until retune.
That would be the obvious answer, but I'm certain that I have done a retune between then and now, but I can't be certain of that. Still, hey ho, it's now OK thanks to prpr's 'pointer'. Something to try to remember for the future.
I'm afraid to say that you can't have retuned since you edited the name, otherwise you would have been complaining then instead of now!