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If have been unable to tune my new Foxsat to the German channels on 19.2e. I am wondering if it is possible to do this with a single dish and one quad LNB. I did a Freesat channel search, then I used the colour buttons to access the hidden menu and the antenna settings. The Foxsat indicated a signal strength of 100% for 28.2e, and 85% for 23.5e and 19.2e, but when I scanned for channels on 23.5e I got 20 channels all or mostly English, and when I scanned for 19.2e I got hundreds of English channels but no German ones. I wonder if I am doing something wrong or whether my Foxsat could be faulty. I would be very grateful for any help anybody might be able to offer.


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No, the foxsat is almost certainly not faulty.
You cannot receive 19.2E on a dish/single LNB setup that is 'pointing' at 28.2E, which your dish undoubtedly is as you can get the freesat channels. The reason you aree getting similar signal strengths is that you are only looking at Astra 2 at 28E regardless of what sat you think you are scanning.
You will need either to swing your dish towards the south by 9 degrees, or fit another LNB on a cross bar and employ a DiSEqC switch (or two for twin feed).
You will then need to tune the Foxsat in non-freesat mode for 19.2E (and set up the DiSEqC switch(es) if you have one (or two).
I have a sky zone one dish with this sort of setup and can get 28.2E and 19.2E. You will not be able to get 28.2E and 23.5E on a small dish/two LNB setup as you will not be able to get the LNBs close enough together.
I just tried to post a photo of mine but the file is too big. If you are interested, I'll make it smaller and post it.
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Trev was absolutely correct, and I am now happily watching tennis on Eurosport.de. What confused me was that the Foxsat said it could see the other satellites, and said it was searching for programs on those satellites. Also when I asked Humax support about the problems I was having, they told me it was a fault with either the Foxsat or the LNB.

I had previously tried swinging my dish the couple of inches required to point at 19.2E, but did not find a signal. Today I also increased the elevation by 4 degrees, and found 19.2E. Being told that the problem was where my dish was pointed, was just the help I needed, and it is much appreciated.

I have no interest in watching 25.3E, I merely mentioned it to illustrate the problem. I am wondering if it might be easier to erect a second 60 cm dish than to fit a second LNB. Presumably you pointed the dish somewhere between the two satellites, and then had quite a hard job adjusting the LNBs to the right position.


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Where are you? I am on the south coast and get a solid signal from both 28.2 and 19.2E. It,s probably cheaper to buy the extra bits and cobble them onto your existing dish. The Foxsat does not say it could see other satellites. It has a list of frequencies associated with the other satellite which ir then scans. As you found out, if the dish aint pointing at the sat, you won't get it regardless of the choice of sats on the box.
Yes, the dish itself is aligned somewhere between the two sats. How I aligned mine was to stick the 19.2E LNB to the right of the boom (when facing the face of the dish) and swing the dish around until I had the best quality from the sat, just like you did then, fix the dish in this position. Then adjust the other LNB (to the left of the boom) to get 28.2E. As you can see, on my zone 1 sky dish, the LNBs are almost touching. Adjusting the second LNB is not a lot more difficult than aligning the first one. One thing you can't see from my photo is that the right hand end of the cross beam is about 2 inches lower than the left hand end to account for the lower elevation angle of 28.2E
You will need two DiSEqC switches anyway even if you have two dishes. (If you need two feeders to the box).

Humax support probably thought that you actually had your dish pointing at 19.2E (without checking with you) which is why they advised the fault condition.

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Humax support always go for the easy answer, without any attempt to actually diagnose anything. They just assumed (because they will have no experience of anything else) that the dish is pointing at the satellite OK so if there is no reception there must be a fault in the signal path.

I have no experience of satellite systems other than what I have read here. This DiSEqC switch - presumably the Foxsat has the ability to somehow control it automatically to select the required LNB feed for the service you are trying to receive, much like choosing the relevant polarisation?


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Bang on BH. Not sure how they work and can't be bothered to Google it but I think it's don digitally, as I have seen references to DiSEqC switch address. You have to set up the DiSEqC switching in the Foxsat. It will then switch between sats automatically when yo select the sat. I can't remember exactly how you set it up, as mine has been de-commissioned. You can also set up USALS which enables it to 'drive' a motor dish positioner.