TV Picture signal problems


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Had my FVP-4000T for a couple of months and all was working well until about a week ago.

All of a sudden my recordings kept showing they had failed due to signal issues. The recordings themselves had completed but the picture kept breaking up and eventually got so bad the programs were not watchable.

I noticed also on some channels (e.g. Sky News) that watching them live had the same issues and they kept pausing and breaking up.

I did the obvious and checked my signal strength and quality and both were always showing at 100%. Despite this the issue prevailed although using the same Ariel connection direct to my TV caused no issues at all.

After a power off/on of the box the issue seems to have gone away.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same as it seems this is some sort of software issue.

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It's a computer. It might not look like a computer, but nonetheless it's a computer with specialised peripherals and a dedicated interface.

Just like any other computer, sometimes bits crash for no obvious reason (there will be a reason, but the reason is pretty well unfathomable - power supply glitch, cosmic radiation, even radioactive decay of a trace element in the IC packaging). If it's all OK once you've rebooted, and as long as it doesn't happen on a regular or repeatable basis, it's annoying but you just have to live with it.