TV Portal: "Humax STB Only!"


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Last week, the TV Portal (in its extremely limited way...) worked, and I could use for BBC i-player. I just noticed that my HDR Fox T2 had failed to record the last episode of The Fall, so was going to catch up via the Humax's TV Portal and i-player, but I now get the message "Humax STB Only!" (and the TV sound continues to play).

The T2 is connected to a BT Hub using a network cable, and has picked up settings from the hub via DHCP. The T2's software version is 1.03.12.

Could this just be a fault on the Humax web page that the TV portal connects to, I wonder?

Any thoughts how to make my Humax seem more like a Humax to the Humax servers? ;)
We've seen that before (I have, anyway, and I think it was reported by several people). It resolved shortly afterwards.